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Tetons -2005

Grand Teton NP - 2005

Evolution of a Dream
The birth of present-day Grand Teton National Park involved controversy and a struggle that lasted several decades. Opposition to expansion of governmental jurisdiction in Jackson Hole, combined with a perceived loss of individual freedoms, helped to fuel anti-park sentiments—which nearly derailed establishment of the original national park. In contrast, Yellowstone National Park benefited from an expedient and near universal agreement for its creation in 1872. The world’s first national park took just two years from idea to reality. Grand Teton National Park, however, materialized over 50 years through a burdensome process requiring a series of compromises and three separate governmental acts:
The initial Grand Teton National Park—set aside by an act of Congress in 1929—included only the Teton Range and six glacial lakes at the base of the mountains.

First stop was in 1974, the second in 2005 and again in 2012


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